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Alara Modular Room Divider

The Alara room divider range allows you to create an easy to install, completely customisable room divider. Alara allows you to make better use of your home’s space without the difficulty, cost, or disruption of building a permanent wall.

  • Easy push fit connections
  • Strong, secure and safe
  • Suitable for different ceiling heights
  • Paintable panels to match any room
  • Windows, shelving and cork pinboard options

ceiling measurement calculation formula for our room divider

divider chart

Full height divider

Half height divider

Enclosed room

White & Paintable

Industrial Black

Peach Whip

Shelves & Spacer Solutions

Oak Windows

Industrial Black Window

Cork Pinboard

Slatted Window

3 simple steps to improve your space

1. Measure you space

Measure the height and width of the space you want your divider to fill. Select the number of panels you will need to get as close to your space requirements, remembering that each panel must have a 4cm post at both ends.

2. Choose your panels & posts

Our wide range of panel sizes and extension posts ensure Alara will fit in any space. We have a selection of colours to choose from, or you can paint our white range of panels to match your existing décor. Feature panels such as Windows, Shelves and Pinboards will make your space truly unique, and our side and top filler panels will fill any gaps around skirting or coving.

3. Easily install with push-fit connections

Start by installing your first post, don’t forget to add your extension posts if required. Panels attach to the posts using the clips provided. Add panels all the way up to your ceiling height, then install the next post. Repeat until you have completed your divider. If you are using side/top filler panels, add these last.
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